Caimi Brevetti S.p.A.

Founded in 1949, Caimi Brevetti S.p.A. is one of the main design-oriented production realities in Europe in the sector of furniture and furnishings for the office and contract.

To say Caimi Brevetti is to say experimentation with new materials and new industrial technologies with an eye turned not only toward improved productivity, but also to obtaining an ever minor impact on the environment as a result of workings producing less pollution and using recycled and recyclable materials. In this context, the patented acoustic panels systems and the Snowsound patented technologies are joined to synthesize design, improve technical and functional performance, all conceived with the utmost respect for the environment. The multiplicity of initiatives of Caimi Brevetti in the fields of design and culture have carried it to the exposition of its products at exhibitions and in museums and led it to take a leading position receiving major awards, including the ADI Premio Compasso d’Oro [Golden Compass Award]


Flap panels feature a rear chromed steel plate connected by an articulated spherical hinge to a chromed steel arm that can be mounted directly to the wall or to a ceiling. The hinges allow the panel to rotate 360° and incline in any direction, in order to personalise the aesthetic aspects and the acoustic performance of the product.

To help quieten dining areas

Ideal for corporate building and hotel Lobbies

Fitted to building interiors to reduce noise in busy areas


The ceiling-mounted frames are in chromed steel, fitted with mobile arms, to which Flap panels are anchored with articulated hinges. The frames are modular and can be connected together in a parallel line. The panels can be rotated and inclined to make planar, concave or convex configurations, depending on aesthetic and acoustic needs. The configurations can be easily adjusted at any time.

For lounges and living rooms

Ideal for meeting rooms

Completely adjustable for optimal sound absorbtion


V-Flap makes it possible to achieve sound-absorbing solutions with enormous visual impact. The chromed steel frame, held in suspension by metal cables, and the two leaning sound-absorbing panels create an image of two wings that fly through space.

Immaculately designed for perfect aesthetics

The V Flaps will look great in any interior decor

The V Flap design


The wall-mounted Flap sound-absorbing panels can be decorated with a backlit LED light system. The suspended Flap Ceiling frame system can be accessories with 180° directional lighting to achieve the desired illumination.

With LEDs the panels look even more amazing

White over White with LEDs add a silver lining

Panels with LED brighten up the ceilings


Add an interesting design element with the Totem range.

Totem designs in a variety of colors

A prespective view of Totem design

Totem design blends well with interiors