Shoe Cover Dispensers

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispensing Machines for hospitals and medical centers

The automatic shoe cover dispenser machines can be used for food industry, hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. The dispenser conveniently envelops each shoe with a plastic shoe cover within a few seconds, to protect the worker and maintain hygene. The dispensers require little effort from users entering sterile rooms making sure the room is germ free.

The plastic or non-woven shoe covers are easy to load as they stock in boxes and are re-loadable with the finest and most protective plastic shoe covers on the market. The dispensers are easy to use and can be turned on/off with the button and is equipped with a counter displaying the number of shoe covers are remaining in the box.

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispensing Machine

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispensing Machine, Front View
Easy to use, without the need to touch the shoe covers

The machine wraps the shoe covers within seconds

The shoe cover effectively covers the entire shoe
Shoe Covers Re-fill Box