Deb Stako

Soap Dispensing Systems

Dispenser design, development and production are fully integrated within the Deb Group, ensuring that Deb Stoko Range dispensers meet the highest standards of reliability and performance. We are so confident in the quality of our dispensers that we guarantee them for life.

The Deb Stoko Range incorporates a unique range of robust wall-mounted 1 litre, 2 litre and 4 litre closed, sealed cartridge dispensers that meet the distinct needs of any workplace. The dispenser formats include manual and touch-free options, plus Deb Stoko Skin Safety Centres – sturdy wall mountable boards designed to offer all that is required for a 3-step skin care or hand hygiene programme.

In addition, we have a unique Custom Dispenser Design Service which allows you to create your own dispenser design to match your corporate identity, washroom style or personal preference. Find out more about Deb’s Unique Custom Dispenser Design Service.

The dispensers are designed to be used with the full range of Deb Stoko Range products, from hand creams, foaming soaps, shower gels through to foaming heavy duty hand cleansers and hand sanitisers. – Deb Stako

TouchFREE Dispensing

Attractively designed, power efficient touch free dispensing system for use with Deb foaming hand hygiene products.

Exceptionally Long Battery Life
The power provided by 4 D-Cell batteries will provide up to 92,000 applications, or approximately 3 years, whichever comes first.

Uses the latest infra-red sensing technology. Dispensers are guaranteed for 3 years*.

Large capacity
Cartridges contain 1200ml of foam hand wash products providing approximately 1,780 applications and 1000ml of Deb InstantFOAM hand sanitiser providing 1,400 applications.

Ultimately View Window
The attractive translucent covers provide unobtrusive visibility of the cartridge content level without opening the dispenser.
Locking Cabinet with Keyless Option

Can be used on walls in washrooms, corridors & hallways, or on Deb’s free-standing chrome stand.

Dep Stoko TouchFree Soap Dispenser

Deb Stoko TouchFREE Models, Colors

Custom Dispensing Systems

Make It Your Own

Models and custom colors

Custom designs and color options

Deb Skin Safety Centres

Deb’s Skin Safety Centres are robust, lightweight boards that are ready-assembled with appropriate Deb dispensers.

For use with Deb products to create a tailored skin care system, Deb Skin Safety Centres are available for use in heavy duty & general industrial areas to provide skin protection and food & catering areas to provide hand hygiene.

  • Convenient – everything needed for clean healthy skin in one location
  • Instructional – encourages compliance with a full skin safety regime
  • Easy maintenance – wipe clean surface
  • Robust – durable, lightweight material; ideal for busy wash area environments

Deb OxyBAC 2-Step Skin Protection Centre

Deb Skin Hygiene Centres specifically designed for use in any food and catering environments.

Deb 3-Step Skin Protection Centre – Large 4 Plus 4
Deb 3-Step Skin Protection Centre – Large

Deb 3-Step Skin Protection Centre – Small 4L

Deb 3-Step Skin Protection Centre – Small
Deb GrittyFOAM Skin Protection Centre – Large
Deb GrittyFOAM Skin Protection Centre – Small
Deb OxyBAC 3-Step Skin Protection Centre